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A Chemical Runaway
You suck in chemicals
With a poignant stench
And your hands tremble
While I breathe in air
I'm not scared of the world like you
I don't want to be numb
To the sounds
Harsh and soft
I don't want that rose colored vision
You inhaled with a slight desperation
And blew out in smoke rings that got tangled in your hair
Lingering for hours on your frayed flannel shirt
Do you think they'll go away?
The skeletons in your closet
If you just cloud your mind enough
This toxic runaway
Won't rid their pounding on your door at night
So then...
And exhale the fear
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Awkward Timing
I blend when I mean to be bold
And loud when I meant to be silent
My timing is awful
But my patience is thick
Waiting for the right moment
That might never come
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A Lovely Shape
They tried to make a blueprint of her
Detailed shapes
Drawn with rulers and measuring tape
Filled in with pastels soft
Sweet and meek
Beautiful but,
It was never quite right
Color bled over the lines
Blurring bold and bright
Into a lovely,
Lovely loud shape
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The facts seep in
Deep into your mind
A wakeup call
To the wrong
The terrible
So atrocious
Enough to make you scream
And you can't do much but scream
Till you realize
A scream is strong
And a voice is Power
Use it.
:iconvenusprincess:venusprincess 1 0
She sat in the corner
With a cup and a frown
Watching them wither
Under the flashes and sounds
:iconvenusprincess:venusprincess 0 0
Across the Street
He was always smashing into doors.
The kid across the street.
Always running or power walking
Too fast, too oblivious
To see the obstructions in his way
(Sometimes it was parked cars)
I'd see him smack into poles
When I glanced out my window
His friends would laugh
Their amused sounds traveling into my room
I laughed with them
Snickering into my curtains
He'd laugh too, rubbing his head
Slapping him on his back, joking
They'd walk away together
I'd watch them disappear around the corner
Away from me and my window
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The Palace
That rotting stench
That travels down your throat and gags you
Winces and pinches of the nose,
But it’s still there...
Of spoiled dreams and expired opportunities
Lost goals
Lay forgotten
Out of the way in that heap.
I don’t know how he did it.
Grabbing onto junk and cracked things
Old and awful
Stained with regret,
But he piled them on anyway
A palace.
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A Confrontation
The sentence launched out of her mouth
Aiming for the head,
But missed
And hit the wall instead.
                                                                  She waited for the bombs
                                                                           The accusations
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It's a common misconception that the loudness you hear from music, the kind that beats your eardrums and vibrates through the speakers and down your body, remains in simple hertz.
Loud also takes on the form of girls clothed in hot pink dresses with electric blue bangs, who grab attention simply by walking into a room.
Loud is the courage of that one kid who stands up to the bully when everyone else backs down.
It is the spirit of the protestor.
Loud happens in penstrokes; words from authors and journalists shouting truth in their works.
Loud can even occur in silence because refusing to speak speaks volume.
Loud is making a statement that people don't just notice, but are drawn to; they have to turn their head and hear.
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Love, Your Mirror
Dear Lisa,
Will you please stop piling on that awful red lipstick. It makes your teeth look yellow and you don't even apply it right! I suggest a nice pale pink gloss. Like the one your friend with the rose hair clips has? Try it. By the way, trash your blue eyeshadow. You can't go walking around school looking like some clown if you're really intent on wooing that Tyson guy you're always gushing about.
Your Mirror
Dear Mike,
If you put anymore gel in your hair, it'll never move again. Ever. Even when you want to go for that wind-swept beach boy look. Even when Ashley wants to muss with your hair. It just won't move. at. all. Sticky, unmoving hair is not attractive. I'm just warning you.
Your Mirror
Dear Charlotte,
Please stop taking pouty face pictures with your cellphone. You look like a confu
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A Thousand Assumptions
I'm  more than just the careless vowels and syllables
Falling from your mouth
Screaming a thousand words
But the picture of me you create
Is so blurry
How can you see?
You don't know what you're shouting
You don't know me at all
Listen and leave your pre-conceptions at the door
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The Aesthetics of Sadness
Is it sick to find beauty in pain?
Or a blessing?
Dazzling tears
That pitter-patter on the ground like raindrops
Or haunting, beautiful eyes
Staring past you at their hurt
All just gorgeous souls...
:iconvenusprincess:venusprincess 0 7
Is That a Stain On Your Shirt?
Snag or a rip
There's bound to be one
Hidden in the back of your shirt
Maybe a loose thread on your skirt
Bound to unravel
Or rip apart
But it's small, tiny
Hardly even there
Don't let it be seen, though
They might try to tear it all
Unravel you themselves
Or worse, spew a biting comment
That nips at your pride
However, hardly worth the shame
There's a hole in their dress too
:iconvenusprincess:venusprincess 0 2
What if death was just a roadtrip?
There'd be no loss of breath or blank eyes
No desperate clinging or eerie lights at the ends of tunnels
It would be a simple pick up
With a door held open and a turn of the corner.
No one would have to worry about inbetweens
There but not there
Or being close yet far.
Maybe you could send postcards
With happy pictures and little cute stamps
And birthday cards that play some catchy song on repeat
And long, long letters filled with the things you hadn't said in person.
It would sure beat talking to decaying pictures in scruffy, beat up albums
Or kneeling in front of an engraved stone,
Whispering stuff that you're not sure anyone can hear.
(After years and wrongs turns and fighting over maps)
Everyone could meet again on the same street
And goodbyes would be a bit less painful.
:iconvenusprincess:venusprincess 1 4
Monsters Don't Exist
You sit there, trembling
In your sheets
As the monsters growl
Under your bed
There's a scratching in your closet
And tap tap tapping on your window pane
Little girl, little girl
Don't be afraid
Monsters are only monsters
If you let them be
And that tap tap tapping
Can easily be a beat
To dance to instead of run
Those skeletons in your closet
Just want to be heard
Little girl, little girl
Don't sit there
Waiting to be saved
Get up
And listen
Those monsters
Can only be monsters
When you scream
:iconvenusprincess:venusprincess 1 1
It's Okay
It's not a big deal.
You'll be fine.
You see,
I've got a million pleasantries and pick-me-ups to say,
But I guess I can't deny...
It's kind of lonely to dance by yourself.
:iconvenusprincess:venusprincess 0 6
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So just a head's up, I made it to college. Yeah that's right folks, I'm now that old. ;)
Ok not really "old" per say, but you know what I mean...

Anyways...The plan is to post things at random moments with ample amounts of time between postings. I'm also going to continue this sporadic pattern of logging on. I can't be consistent with this site anymore, but I'm definitely not abandoning my account so please ignore any long pauses in posts and the like. I don't quite know who I'm writing this for, but just throwing this out there for anyone that might actually check my gallery regularly.

Thanks for checking out my writing and/or taking the time to read this :)


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